„We’re aiming on the alignment of brand and personal image.

Sabina Wachtel

is an entrepreneur, speaker, author, columnist and TV expert in dress code & style. Since she has founded ExpertExecutive in 1996, it has been continuously expanded: integrated rhetoric training for all speeches and answers on top management level, profoundest expertise in rhetoric. ExpertExecutive is established as a label for executive coaching. Amongst the clients board members of 17 of the DAX 30 corporations. MANAGEROUTFIT the label for outer appearance – focused on company, product and role. MEMBER OF THE 55 is the platform for dress code, image and style consultants.

Sabina Wachtel has been a columnist for the Handelsblatt since 2015.

„Integrated performance training begins at the outline of corporate branding.”

Sabina Wachtel has published three books on training and consulting; her latest book, GOLDSCHNITTE made her an Instagram-Celebrity and sought-for interview partner in TV and magazines.

Sabina Wachtel,

Sabina Wachtel,